2015 Adult World Series

Warthogs beat the Bulldogs for the Adult Championship!!

World Series MVP was Tony Hill of the Warthogs.

2015 Youth World Series

69'ers beat the 5 Star Prospects for the Youth Championship!

World Series MVP was Levi Bobst  of the 69'ers



Click on the link below for your 1st game and who is in your round robin division. 

2015 Adult and Youth Schedule

ALL Teams please make sure you at the farm at least 30 minutes prior to your 1st game to complete the registration process.  Their will be 1 line for Adult teams and 1 line for Youth teams.  Look for signs on the BIG Tents in the middle.  Thanks, Brian Wheeler

Just a friendly reminder on things you might want to bring to the wiffleball tourney this Saturday.  Also players and umps YES we do play in the rain but play stops with lightning or storms.

Its BACK!!! This year we will be holding the KFC Home Run Derby Contest for both the Adults and Youth divisions.  Click on this link to find out more details this contest and its only $5 to enter!                  2015 KFC HR DERBY Contest Format

Tale Of the Tape:  Coming Back '15 = Who can hit the longest Homerun during the HR Derby this year.  Winner in both adult and Youth division. Who can break Mudhens - Arin Hankerd record blast of 144ft set back in 2004?

The 2015 Adult London Wiffleball Tourney Champion will receive FREE entry into this great wiffleball tournament in Mishawaka, IN on Aug 21-22nd.  

  Once again thanks to Steve Baker and the London Men's Soccer team for making Build A Filed Day a HUGE success, building a record 28 fields.

Yes, lets have the smack talk begin its the "Old School" Reds (Brian Wheeler) with their 40+ year old players taking on the "New School" Tin Caps (Crew Wheeler) with their teenage wifflers.  So who do you think will win?  This will be one of the Traditional Friday night games on Aug. 14th.

2015 Teams Registered So Far - Adult (71) and Youth (40) Teams So Far.

2015 Teams Registered So Far - Adult (60) and Youth (42) Teams So Far. 

2015 Power Rankings

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Here is the 2015 London Wiffleball Tourney Drone Footage that Chris Gallaway of Wash. D.C..took it just AWSOME! Click on pic or link.

London '15 Tournament Drone Footage @londonwifflebal