Extras From Years Past

Extras - Listings of Daily Events going on during the London Wiffleball Tourney

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  Free (4) Great Wiffleball Contests during the break before the playoffs start between (2-3pm).  All players are welcome to participate in each contest.  All winners of each event will receive a prize for winning the event.  AND...will be '04 Wiffleball History!



    The Bean Bag Game Called "Cornhole":

"Cornhole" boards will be set out at the farm for players to play at their leisure.  For more rules and this fun 2 on 2 game ask around for Josh Peters.

    Accuracy Throw Contest

3 Throws - Player will the most balls hitting the target will be declared the champ!


Blue Rocks - Josh McCarthy



  2004 Home Run Derby: 

 10 Swings - Player with the most HR's WINS!

Dodgers - David Thomas  with 6 Hr's


     2004 Tale of the Tape Contest:

Longest HR during the HR Derby will be the winner!

Mudhens - Arin Hankerd 144ft. blast



 Things you might want to bring to the wiffleball tourney.

1.  Plastic Cleats are allowed. 2. Lawn Chairs or something to sit on. 3.  Sunscreen or bug spray for those night games.


Did You Know?  

In 2002 marked the first time 2 lighted fields were used for the playoffs.  Barn Yard Field and Wood Pile Field.


 Tale of the Tape - Top 6 Distances

      A new 2003 contest for all players to compete in.  Rules...Each batter will receive 3 pitches.  The batter with the longest fair HR ball will be declared the winner!!!  Winner of the '03 Tale of the Tape was Adam Ellars (Tigers) his HR went 124 feet in distance.      

Jason Kefauver (Stars) 100 ft.  Ken Baker (Cubs) 99 ft. Brandon Wheeler (Cubs) 99 ft. Tom Fleming (White Sox) 96 ft. and David Thomas (Dodgers) 93.5 ft. 


Special Thanks to the "Crew Chief" Steve Baker, Chad Lattemer, Kurt Lattemer, Stewart Allen, Ryan Ladd, Brandon Brock, Johaim LaValley, Jereme Collins and the rest of the umpires that did a fantastic job umpiring games at the tourney in 2004 and 2005.

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The 2005 Concession stand will be provided by the Ohio Boy Scouts of America.  All proceeds will go towards this great organization as a fund raising event.  Menu Items will include:  The concession stand will be Sponsored by Pepsi.  With that in mind their will an assortment of Pepsi Products, including Aquafina Water, Gatorade flavors, and other softdrinks.  Food items will include hotdogs, candy, and other snack items. The Boy Scouts raised more than $700 at the '04 wiffleball tourney thanks for all the wiffleballers who supported this fund raiser!




 The Methodist Church across the street will be holding their annual fund raising ice cream social.  This event will take place between (4-7pm) on Sat. August 7th. 

(Great homemade Ice Cream!)