1992 London Merchants Tourney Champs












2007 Wiffleball Tourney Format


Teams play 4 guaranteed round round robin games.  Then (48%) of the teams will then make the double elimination tournament.  Then the best team from both the AL and NL play a 1 game WORLD SERIES.  Winners receive trophies and T-shirts.

NEW - This year will try to have an all youth division this year with as many teams as it can hold.  Youth teams consist of teams with players which are 15 years or younger on their team.

This the CHAMPS will receive their own color T-shirts. (Special Version) 

The Runner-ups will receive T-shirts. (White Version)

90 Teams (45 AL & 45 NL) 22 from each league will go on to the double elimination tournament.

*NEW* Now 44 out of 90 teams (48%) will make the double elimination tournament.

We have decided to build 2 more fields to make room for the extra teams.  We now will have 16 unique playing fields.

This year we will be accepting ONLY 90 teams, so please send in your registration and team entry fee ASAP.