1992 London Merchants Tourney Champs













Due to technical errors the 2005 cards are on hold.

*  NEW Wiffleball Cards Coming Soon in '05 *



These cards will have front and backs. On the back will be wiffleball stats, bios, interesting facts, and did you know information.  Also each card will be numbered  for the set.

This set will include every player in that plays in the 2005 tourney.  I'm looking at around 315 players in the set and other highlight cards, such as World Series cards, Team Cards, and other interesting subsets.

The cards will be available in 3 ways.

1.  Single Card (1 Card of yourself)

2. Team Sets (4 or 5 players from your team)

3. Complete Set (This will include all the players and subsets)

(Pre-Sale Only...)  You can purchase these cards only before or during the tournament.

Delivery date will hopefully be before Christmas 2005

Prices will for each item will be coming soon and the sign up sheet with it.

So don't be left out in cold with this one of a kind item.